What you should read first before you start using IPL yourself to get rid of hair

What you should read first before you start using IPL yourself to get rid of hair

Probably each of us has heard enough about the myths about how a magic device can once and for all remove hair follicles. No one denies their existence, since today the market is full of such devices, and Philips Lumea has managed to win the leadership among them for many years. Based on the re-results of testing, as well as customer reviews, the majority of users give it their due.

And this is not surprising, because each of us wants to get rid of hair that sprouts in the wrong place. After all, then you can wake up in the morning, put on your favorite dress, without any worry about the upcoming shave before this. And also forget forever about the annoying moment when you realize that you left the house, and completely forgot to shave your armpits, and put on a patchwork top...

When you have been running around online stores or other places for a long time, trying to find the best solution for hair removal yourself at home, then IPL is exactly the drug IPL. I have been doing research for a long time for a year, and I have collected a lot of interesting information, which I will post later in this post.

  1. if you want to get fast and positive results, you need to be consistent. After all, this is not a magic device that is subject to one-time use, and then you can forget about it completely. No, this is far from the case. And the fact is that your hair follicles are inherent to stay, therefore, you will need to repeat the procedure until the desired results are obtained. And such repetitions should occur at least every four weeks, in order to maximize the likelihood of exposure to most follicles.

Personally, I used a small Lumea device for 6 months, I want to note that there is still hair on my body, but they are already rare.

  1. Most noticeable will be the effect in about 3-3.5 months. But this does not mean that after these months the hair will disappear forever. Although, I will not hide, I initially also assumed so. So be prepared for the fact that after passing several sessions of treatment, you will not see significant changes. However, you should not be upset about this, and even more so stop the procedure, because after the three-month mark, many of the hair on your body will not grow back.



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  1. Such a decision cannot be spontaneous and instantaneous. For example, I like to do hair removal at home. I make myself comfortable, arrange flowers and scented candles around the room, turn on the YouTube video, and start playing. For the legs, as a rule, 20 minutes are enough, but for the armpits and the bikini line, it will take more time.

  1. Warning spoiler — Magic doesn't work! However, it looks like this only at first glance. However, based on scientific beliefs, the ability of laser light pulses from Lumea, is to transform into heat, which is stimulated by the hair root, forcing it to stay in rest mode. Then there is a natural hair loss, and their regrowth process slows down, and subsequently finally prevented after several applications.

  1. there are also types of hair and skin that are quite difficult to cure. Take for example darker hair follicles, so these are very easy to treat, because the laser is focused on the hair pigment, and gray, light and red pigments can be complex, as well as darker skin tones. In addition, Philips Lumea has five settings and clear instructions for selecting settings for each skin and hair type. In addition, it is equipped with a convenient table that is provided for determining whether Lumea is suitable for you.

  1. The most appropriate time to start the fall/winter. For the reasons that it is strictly forbidden to sunbathe in any way before the procedure. The efficiency of the device will be enhanced if the contrast between your dark hair and light skin is maximized. Despite the fact that Philips Lumea is designed specifically to affect darker skin tones.

  1. The most enjoyable acts by the peculiarity that in between treatments you can shave. Although this is not just an opportunity, but rather an instructive recommendation. However, it is preferable to shave a day before the procedure or very early in the morning, in order to make your skin smooth and silky.

  1. although Painful sensations are present, they are slightly noticeable and also short-lived. It should also be emphasized that the nature of the pain also depends on the type of skin. Since I have a light skin, I don't see any pain. In addition, the Lumea device is equipped with five settings that adjust the power, creating comfort and convenience for you.

  1. After the procedure, it is not recommended plucking or perform waxing. Let shaving become your new favorite method of hair removal, and all other options that pull hair out of the follicle will only interfere with the IPL process.

  1. When the end of your procedure, you should immediately apply to the skin a sunscreen. You should apply SPF regularly, especially after the IPL device has been processed. Such measures are very necessary so as not to cause you already affected skin even more irritation, but on the contrary to create a favorable calming environment.

  1. if you have decided to engage in procedures, it is recommended to forget perfumes, deodorants and hot showers for a while. At least in the first day after the end of the treatment session.

  1. I was selected among numerous analogs is Philips Lumea. For some reason, I trust this brand and all its products directly. I can confidently recommend it to everyone, regardless of skin type and hair color.

  1. This device is absolutely safe. Philips Lumea was developed by experienced dermatologists who managed to make the product safe, effective, convenient and fast.

  1. All these features are fully working. When you use Philips Lumea several times, the hair will almost disappear on most of the treated area. However, if in your case there are a few hairs left, then you should not be very upset, because it will be quite difficult to notice them.

  1. Is it necessary and does it make sense? I can say with confidence a million times that yes, it's worth it! Note that these phrases are uttered by a person who has never «struggled» with body hair. I found this method very convenient! To instill more confidence in yourself, it is enough to imagine for a moment freedom from annoying hair and the need to wear jeans on hot days.


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