What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL?


What is the difference between laser hair removal and IPL?

Hair removal — a word known to every woman. Sometimes it annoys you ... often ... almost every few days — that is, when we are in a hurry, go to the pool, visit friends, get ready for work in the morning and notice that we need to shave our hair ... on your lap. Wax strips and electric depilators are painful. The alternative is epilation ... light, that is, treatment with a home IPL device; What does this abbreviation mean, how does work and is it worth buying it?

What does it look like, and what is the process of hair elimination using IPL?

As a rule, laser hair removal and IPL function similarly, which indicates the property of absorption of light energy by areas with a high content of pigment, namely hair, which contributes to their heating. Heat exposure damages the follicle, which slows down hair growth, and sometimes stops altogether. The difference between IPL and laser hair removal in is the direct use of a light source. If we talk about the second method, then the laser property is used, while the IPL uses visible light of a wide spectrum.

It is also worth considering the fact that areas of the skin that have a higher pigment content, namely freckles and moles, including dark skin in General, will eventually absorb more light energy and heat. This clarification highlights the impact on the method of hair removal, which you can choose individually for yourself. To make the best decision, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the process of each of the epilation methods:


How does IPL hair removal work? Is it painful?


How does IPL hair removal work

IPL is an intense pulsed light that uses a wide-spectrum visible light source. This light is controlled to remove shorter waves, and it is also designed to target certain structures. In the process of hair recycling, it affects the melanin pigment in the hair, simultaneously with the effect on hemoglobin in the blood. The functionality of transmitting lights energy is absorbed, being transmitted as heat, heating the hair, contributing to damage to the follicle.

How laser hair removal works

Laser, the same way as IPL, provides heating of the hair and has a negative impact the follicles, under the influence of light energy. However, this method, unlike the previous one, uses certain properties that only lasers are endowed with. In addition, they are also not difficult to control, focusing on a small area with moving a long distance, without the usual spread. In addition to the above, they create rays that have light, exclusively of the same color. Based on these characteristics, they are effectively applicable to laser hair removal. Another property of the laser is its penetration into the pore depth, delivering a concentrated light stream to the follicle, and thus highlighting its efficiency in the treatment.

IPL and laser — which method to choose?

Laser hair removal is definitely recommended for people who want to have a smooth body for several years. However, it should be remembered that you need to pass it already in the autumn-winter period. What for? The hair removal time is long, often up to 5 weeks should pass between the procedures. In addition, the larger the part of our body, such as the legs, the procedure consists of several series. Separately, it is worth noting the high cost of the service, which not everyone can afford. IPL is an ideal alternative because you can use this method for body hair removal at any time. You will notice the effect after the first time, and the cost of equipment is a one-time expense that will pay off very quickly. Get rid of unnecessary razors, creams, waxes and other methods! Replace all this with professional equipment that will not only make your skin smooth, but also help fight wrinkles and pimples. Say goodbye to body hair not only in the summer, but also for years to come!

Benefits of IPL hair removal

Based on the fact that the light of a wide spectrum is able to propagate naturally, this method provides the possibility of the circumference of a larger area, in comparison with laser hair removal. Such properties prove an advantage in the direction of IPL because the treatment time is significantly reduced, due to the treatment of large areas. In addition, despite the reduction in treatment time, this method is more budget-friendly, but it also depends on the number of procedures required, since they are individual for each patient.

IPL uses a wide range of light, which indicates that it can be used in various ways, for example, in the treatment of skin diseases. In addition, it changes during treatment according to different types of skin and hair. Take for example the recently developed version of IPL (we are talking about VPL), variable pulsed light. Thanks to VPL, the user controls the settings of light pulses to optimally match the skin and hair in need of therapy.



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The most frequently mentioned advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has been very popular for several years. Why do you think it should? The first thing that comes to mind is a long - lasting effect. To get rid of almost all the hair on the selected part of the body, one series of procedures is enough. The effect is permanent. The hair is removed along with the bulbs and does not grow back.

We recommend this type of depilation for women and men with sensitive skin. Daily shaving with a regular razor leads to irritation, redness, and pustules, and the effect is often unsatisfactory. The skin becomes rough and dry.

Another advantage of this method is that it avoids drying out and irritation.

If you look in more detail, then with the help of an individual approach, we can conclude that for people with dark skin, it is recommended to opt for laser hair removal. The bottom line is that dark skin absorbs more light, as opposed to pale, through the melanin (pigment) contained in it. Thus, the skin of a dark shade is more susceptible to heat.

The use of IPL and laser for the face

Each of the above methods is subject to application to the female face, which must be cleaned of unwanted hair. But, in any case, they can not be used in the area of the scalp or eyebrows. For places, it is recommended to use them under the cheek line, for example, in the area of the upper lip or chin, however, it is contraindicated near the eyes, because vision can be damaged by glare. Based on this, it is recommended, despite the fact that you do not intend to treat your face, to use sufficient funds to protect your eyes during the application of IPL or laser hair removal. Today, a considerable number of kits are supplied that are equipped with eye protection to take care of your body at home.

Side effects of laser hair removal and IPL

Here, skin irritation, various redness, swelling, itching, or soreness are most often manifested. However, such manifestations do not last more than a day. In order to get rid of the discomfort, it is enough to treat the skin with sunscreen and slightly moisturize it.

Despite the method you choose, the skin will become more sensitive to sunlight in any case, so it is recommended to use adequate protection from the sun before and after the procedures. Important in favor of the fact that the skin is absolutely not scratching besides to keep clean, preventing the possibility of infection.

Hair removal results from IPL hair removal Results

Despite all the above advantages, the user must clearly understand that neither IPL nor laser hair removal can provide instant results. For example, if you compare with waxing and applying threads, then your therapy session will not be completed with absolutely smooth skin without hair. However, their loss is fully guaranteed, as they will die after a few weeks.

Despite this, we can not say about a significant advantage, which is both for IPL and laser hair removal, in the residual growth of unwanted hair, although not immediately. That hair that managed to grow, provided a state of smoothness and fineness, and slow growth, which eliminates the need for regular shaving.

A huge number of people who have managed to use the methods of hair removal that we are considering, all in one voice say about achieving positive results after 1-10 procedures, to be precise, after 6 sessions.

Epilation at home, what you should pay attention to.

Home laser hair removal is no different from the salon. The only difference is those beauty salons and dermatological clinics use lasers with much higher power and larger parameters. They allow dozens or even hundreds of people to perform hair removal.

Choosing a home laser epilator, you can rely on the fact that you will have to depilate the entire body.

Home laser epilator is able to remove hair even from several people - this is also worth remembering!


It would be great if you could point out one of these methods and proclaim its superiority over the other. However, as is often the case, this is more difficult.

From the limited research that has been done to compare performance, it seems that there are many variables at play. Only when these variables are more carefully controlled will we be able to create a more accurate picture.

Perhaps the most important difference was the installation of fluency on both the diode laser and the IPL machine.

The setting of the fluency, as well as the duration of light exposure, is ultimately responsible for the amount of heat damage that is caused in the follicle. It is obvious that the thermal damage is an important part of the process of hair removal.

Another heterogeneity is the equipment used. The studies used different brands of laser and IPL machines - this would almost certainly preclude a direct comparison between the two studies.

As with most things in science and biology-there are many shades of gray, not just plain black and white.

Which device to use

First, it should be said that in a normal situation, it is not up to you to decide which type of treatment is best. This should be determined by a dermatologist.

However, here are some important factors to consider:

However, keep in mind that IPL epilators are not suitable for everyone. Because they involve heating the melanin in the hair bulb, a small amount of it can make this method ineffective. Therefore, the best results can be obtained with light skin and dark hair. Unfortunately, the system is ineffective for light and red hair. This important fact should be taken into account when making a decision about purchasing an IPL epilator.

As a final note, if you have a light skin tone and dark hair, then both methods will probably work for you.

Unfortunately, much of the online rhetoric about which of the two treatments is better is biased due to the inherent conflict of interest. In addition, scientific research is not comprehensive and is not yet final.


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