Permanent laser hair removal handsets safes your money

Cioban Aaron @ 2020-12-22 20:25:33 +0200

The process of laser hair removal was earlier available only to dermatologists but today you have the option to buy the small devices to zap away the body hair by yourself. If you are wondering what the best home laser hair removal options are, we are here to tell you about it.

First, let’s understand what exactly the laser hair removal is:

The laser hair removal is a process that slows down and eventually stops the hair growth in the treated body area. The laser throws a specific wavelength of light that targets the pigmentation in your hair and after a few sittings, clogs the growth of the hair. Once the power of the light is soaked up by the pigment in your hair, it is transformed into heat; it destroys the hair cells that produce the hair.

How the ‘at home laser hair removal devices’ and ‘the dermatologist treatment’ differ:

The main difference of at home and dermatologist treatment is the price. While dermatologist charges the fees per sitting basis, at-home laser hair removal device needs one time spend. But in this regard, you get what you pay for as ‘laser hair removal handsets’ are not laser in real. Most of the at-home laser devices come with IPL technology, means intense pulse light, using a wide range of light and by default, it makes them less specific and less powerful. So even you are saving money in the short term by buying an at-home device, you might not get the desired long term results you wish for.

How safe is the at-home laser hair removal devices are:

The thought of trying your own laser hair removal might look nerve-wracking, and with good reason. While the at-home devices are usually safe, you also have the possible risk of scarring, burning and discoloration that is why the experts suggest choosing the dermatologist treatment if you can afford. You also have the risk of damaging the eyesight so it is recommended to wear protective eyewear during the use of at-home laser devices.

Who should try at home laser hair removal?

 This works on a little range of hair and skin colour. The laser zeroes in on pigments in the hair follicle and only work when there is a lot of contrast between hair and skin. It means that this thing is only recommended for people with light skin and dark hair.

There is a risk of burns for the people having dark skin, but to protect people from that many at-home devices comes with the sensors to stop them from working on the darker skin.

Laser hair removal safety:

If you have the combination of light skin and dark hair then these devices are safe to use but do not use these devices near your eyes, over tattoos, and in the genital area.

Also, keep in mind that at-home laser devices might have limited battery power or could have light cartridges that will need to be replaced.