Is Laser Hair Removal Safe or Not?

Cioban Aaron @ 2020-12-22 20:30:27 +0200

Laser hair removal, also known widely as Photo-thermo-lysis, is a simple process in which an intense ray of light removes undesired hairs from your face or body. The melanin in the hair root usually absorbs the laser, hence damaging the hair follicle that usually results in a pause or reduction to the future hair growth.

People who choose laser hair removal usually want a more long-lasting solution as other methods generally don’t give durable and long-lasting results. This particular solution to unwanted hair growth has been around for many years and is constantly becoming better since technology becomes more advanced on daily basis. Although this method is quite broadly used, there are still a majority of people who have questions about it such as about the safety of laser hair removal. One of the broad concerns being if the treatment is safe. 

Side effects of Laser Hair Removal

According to different people who have tried it, this technique is completely safe and doesn’t possess long-term risks. Still, a few minor side effects have been addressed such as.

  • Redness and irritation.
  • Crusting.
  • Changes in skin pigmentation.
  • Eye Injury.
  • Skin infection.

These side effects might make you feel uncomfortable about opting for it, but all of these side-effects can easily be treated and have a very short life. If you take the required precautions and treat your skin as advised by the specialist, there should be no problems at all. 

Myths about the treatment of Laser Hair Removal

There are many myths surrounding laser hair removal which sound frightening but are completely not true. Here are some of them:

  • Cancer 

Since the lasers use radiation, a majority of people assume that cancer is a risk factor. Nonetheless, these lasers use a very small amount of radiation which isn’t harmful to the skin.

  •  Infertility 

It’s vital to understand that these lasers were designed only to target the hair cells, nothing else. Even though you use them in private and sensitive areas, there’s no risk at all that they will cause infertility. 

  • You can easily use home laser removal kits and enjoy the same results 

It is a misconception that prevailed widely among people that there is no need to go to the dermatologist and that they can just use a home kit. Nonetheless, as those kits aren’t powerful medical devices and you aren’t being treated by a professional, you really can’t expect any miracles.

Don’t be fooled by these myths around this technique. Although it’s quite easy to be obsessed about the happening of something bad, you shouldn’t believe myths and false claims. Apart from this, you should stick to facts you can trust.

The final answer to the Ultimate question

Now, this is the ultimate question. And the short answer you can have is ‘Yes’. The treatment is usually safe, and as laser technology gets to have new advancements on a regular basis, there are not many things to worry about. There are circumstances when you shouldn’t use this technique, nonetheless, all will be explained to you by your practitioner at the time of your first appointment.

To ensure that you are completely safe, you should always research the clinic and the staff prior to booking an appointment. You should ensure that the clinic is licensed fully and that the practitioners working there are well-experienced and proficient.

Enjoy the bonus tip: Wear the goggles and masks

It is quite evident that laser hair removal is safe, but it’s also vital to remember that eye and face protection is mandatory. Hence, practitioners should always wear surgical masks and it would be good if the person getting the procedure also wear goggles and masks.