Laser hair removal and its possible side effects

After many studies, it was concluded that this procedure is absolutely safe.

Contraindications for laser hair removal should be known by every specialist. Before the procedure, the specialist should tell the client about all contraindications and possible consequences. The client who receives the information gives a written agreement that he is aware of them, informed about his diseases, and medications are taken. This will help you avoid conflicts and problems in the future. In this article, we have analyzed all the contraindications for laser hair removal.

If you are a person who is already fed up with traditional methods of hair removal, such as shaving, removal using wax strips, then most likely you will be interested in laser hair removal. After all, the main point is that the elimination of hair in laser therapy, which is now actively offered by dermatologists or other qualified and trained experts, has the property of stopping the growth of new hair on the follicles. In addition, laser hair removal has been proven to be safe for the vast majority of people. In addition, this procedure does not have any long-term side effects.

Despite all the above, there is a huge amount of talk about the side effects of laser hair removal. The only thing that can happen at the end of the session is the formation of short-term and minor side effects, and as for the other effects, these can often occur quite rarely. In addition to this, any of the claims regarding links to your long-term health are absolutely baseless.

We offer below information that you should definitely read.



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A few standard minor side effects

The very principle of laser hair removal is to use small, but extremely heated lasers. The laser has a specific property of causing a kind of temporary side effects that can be observed directly in the first moments after the procedure is completed. The most common of them can be called, for example, skin irritation and pigmentation changes.

The condition of the skin redness and irritation

After the hair removal process, when the laser is used, there may be a feeling of temporary irritation. In addition to this, some patients experience slight redness with slight swelling in the treated areas of the body. However, do not worry too much about this, because such effects will be insignificant. In most cases, these conditions can also occur during waxing.

In order to ease the discomfort, it is enough to use a local anesthetic before the laser treatment, which is able to minimize such effects.

The state of General irritation usually disappears completely a few hours after the procedure. When the discomfort is not very pleasant, then in such cases it is recommended to apply ice packs, which can significantly reduce pain and swelling.

When patients observe a change in pigmentation

Almost all patients after laser treatment may face such a condition, a change in skin tone to a darker shade, and in some cases, on the contrary, its lightening. Here, of course, it all depends on what kind of skin you have, light or dark shades. Here, too, the excitement will be in vain, because similar to redness and skin irritation, such rejoicings, as a rule, are of a short-term nature, which, in its own words, should not cause a sense of anxiety.

There are almost no severe side effects.

Very rare are cases when laser hair removal can cause more serious side effects. However, this risk can not be completely excluded, but it is worth noting that it is possible only when using home laser kits, or when contacting an inexperienced cosmetologist.


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The main rare side effects of laser hair removal are the following:

  • Excessive hair growth in the treatment area: this condition is often mistaken for hair loss after the procedure.
  • The overall texture of the skin may change slightly: this is more likely to threaten those who have recently received tan skin.
  • Scarring: this can be seen by people with very sensitive skin.
  • The appearance of skin crusts and blisters: as a rule, such effects are more likely to occur when a person is exposed to direct sunlight too early after the procedure is completed.

In such situations, it will be a smart decision to contact a specialized doctor. Even though they are extremely rare, you should carefully read each of the above effects.

Is it possible to perform laser hair removal for pregnant women?

The Answer is unequivocal and negative: it is not recommended for pregnant women to use laser hair removal services! First, this is due to the fact that no studies conducted on people have proven the safety of laser hair treatment in pregnant women.

During pregnancy, it is strongly not recommended by obstetricians to perform this procedure, the correct solution is to wait for the postpartum period.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

Immediately it is worth noting that all the talk about this is nothing more than an untrue and unfounded myth. Moreover, this procedure is often performed to treat certain forms of precancerous lesions.

Various lasers are used in cases where it is necessary to cure sun damage and wrinkles. Lasers that are used in the process of epilation or other skin procedures are endowed with a minimum amount of radiation and then applied exclusively to the surface of the skin. From this, we can conclude that they are not able to pose a cancer risk.

Does laser hair removal have a property that causes infertility?

Another additional and unfounded myth. As previously mentioned in this article, lasers only affect the surface of the skin. Thus, the indicator of minimal radiation from the procedure is not able to penetrate any of your organs.

Summing up the results we can draw the following conclusion:

In General, laser hair removal is safe and effective for most people. In order to protect yourself as much as possible, it is not recommended performing this procedure near the eyes, as well as pregnant women. You should also contact your doctor immediately if you have any rare symptoms due to laser treatment of your hair.

In addition, you must also take into account the fact that the procedure does not guarantee 100% deletion. You may also need additional treatment.


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