Laser hair removal: 12 things to learn before the procedure

A few facts about laser hair removal that need to be understood and studied

When you have been considering the possibility of laser hair removal for a long time, it is initially reasonable to familiarize yourself with the present pros and cons of its implementation.

It is quite common for every person to be led on tempting promises that promise a life without annoying hair. However, first, you should investigate and study possible side effects, to fully convince yourself that such treatment will be most optimal in your particular case. When you need to clean the body of unwanted hair, there are many options, from waxing to applying threads, as well as from shaving to plucking. However, laser hair removal is not the only method that offers the most optimal and permanent approach to once and for all destroy annoying hair from specific areas of the body.

I once had to go under a laser (the main goal is research), and below will be provided all the information that I managed to get, being a «Guinea pig».



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  1. Despite the fact that looks painful, all is not so bad.

As a rule, the process of laser hair removal is performed on the principle that the main mission of the laser beam is the aspiration directly through the pigment in the hair. Thus, the light coming from it is transformed into heat, which is subsequently aimed at damaging the hair follicle and bulb. If we talk about my personal feelings, I found a feeling of rapid acute pain, especially very painful in the nose, chin and temples. To my great happiness, the lasers used on me had a kind of cooling mechanism (basically, a constant stream of cold air directly in the place where the laser was directed), and this, to tell the truth, helped me a lot. No less painful were the sensations also during a long stay in a warm room or moving around the city, in attempts to have time to invest during the reception.

  1. Your patience will be paid off.

After completing the first medical procedure, it will take at least two and a half or three weeks to observe the changes, as well as 8 to 10 procedures to achieve the absolute desired result.

Personally, I began to see changes at the end of the second session about eight weeks later. Here you should also take into account the fact that you will need regular visits to the doctor, because all your hair follicles are at different stages of their growth. Thus, you should have full confidence that each of them has a chance to get sick.

  1. You must use a hair trimmer with their shaving.

The laser has the property of reacting with hair on the surface of the skin, this actually provokes irritation. And it is also likely that the presence of an unpleasant smell of burnt hair. However, I was lucky here because I knew that when removing saturated thick dark hair, such manifestations are considered the norm.

  1. In reality, this process is very fast.

I attend full-face treatments that are 18-20 minutes long, and this is along with the initial makeup removal. Of course, the priority is that I can safely re-apply makeup, although before the session it is removed completely.

  1. At the end of the session, visiting the gym is contraindicated.

As a rule, the remaining heat from the laser stays in your skin for 24 hours, so there can be no question of going to the gym, sauna, or hot shower. In case you ignore these warnings, you can create a nice warm environment where bacteria will actively multiply and spots will form.

  1. It is better to forget about a long stay in the sun.

Most likely, your dermatologist's first recommendations will be to minimize sun exposure before and after your therapy session. If you have already formed a tan on your skin, you will need to wait until it disappears, and only then start treatment. 

  1. There are occasions when after the laser therapy increases hair growth.

This happens only if for some reason this method of epilation is not suitable for you, for example, through length and density. However, even in such a situation, there is no reason for excessive emotions, it is enough to share your observations with the doctor, and he will already make the appropriate decision.

  1. Maybe you will have to change makeup or cosmetics.

Most likely, your dermatologist will advise you to throw out the following products from your cosmetic bag: scrubs, creams with glycolic acid and retinol, which are contraindicated for 48 hours before and after treatment. I added several additional moisturizers to my personal makeup bag, as I regularly experienced dry skin. I was also warned to refrain from chemical peels for 14 days before and after the procedure, and in addition for 12-14 days not to use artificial tan.

  1. Laser hair removal has many advantages.

I will not hide the fact that I was quite surprised by the laser's ability to effectively deal with irritating ingrown hairs that occur as a result of AF. Also, in addition to significantly refreshing the skin with a regular reduction in the amount of hair, laser hair removal minimizes ingrown hairs and eliminates skin irritation. 

  1. It is Strictly forbidden to pluck, paint and wax the hair.

Such measures will significantly blunt the process. However, if you have a great desire, it is not forbidden to shave your hair during the medical period, but even on the contrary, this decision will be convenient for your doctor. Since after such manipulations, dead bulbs will be removed, and the skin will quickly find a healthy state. 

  1. Positive results are available for any skin tone.

However, in such situations, you will need to use a long-pulse NDYAG laser, since only with its help will positive results be observed when processing dark skin tones.

  1. It is not excluded that you may need a secondary course.

Of course, according to the reviews and recommendations of the vast majority of patients, they managed to get rid of 90% of unwanted hair, however, due to fluctuations in hormones, hair can grow with new activity.


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