Stop Fearing Pain With IPL Crystal Skin Co At Home Hair Removal Handset

Cioban Aaron @ 2020-11-24 12:32:40 +0200


Beauty standards in today’s world are quite high, as we are far from medieval and traditional times and living a highly contemporary lifestyle. Every woman wishes to look her best round the clock and at all times of the year. However, it is the body hair that is a hurdle in their perfect look. Once you are done with a waxing session, for a week, you can wear your favorite dresses and show as much skin as you want but after a week, those little hairs start popping up. Razors are a great rescue for a lot of women but that too isn’t a permanent solution as well because razor burns are a major issue along with ingrown hairs. So, what is the best option for hair removal? Modern women can either go for laser hair removal or use an IPL Crystal Skin Co hair removal handset at home to be party or event ready in minutes.


The latter is a great option for those who wish to achieve flawless skin without paying for a laser hair removal treatment at a spa. There is no need to waste time rushing to saloons as you can simply on the handset and get to work.


How Does At-Home Laser Hair Removal Work?


If you look at the bigger picture, an at-home laser hair removal device and a professional laser hair removal machine have the same objective. They not only remove your hair but also reduce the growth as much as possible. The energy produced by the device to remove the hair directly targets the pigment in the hair. It will then reach the hair follicle and damage it enough so that any further hair growth is stopped. The procedure works in its best capacity when the hair is in the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle. This is because it is the only time when hair and follicle has a connection.


A lot of people also ask why one needs a lot of sessions for laser hair removal and this is because only 20% of the hair is in the anagen phase. However, one can see the result in the very first session.


Overcoming The Fear Of Laser Hair Removal


People who wish to get laser hair removal done are often worried about it and also fear it thinking about the pain. They hear that the pain in this procedure is quite intense or lasting; however, none of these things are true. Though there is pain in laser hair removal but not to the extent that it gets unbearable. After the hair removal, there might be a touch of redness but it soon fades away, giving you that wonderful and shiny looking skin, minus the hair. People with darker or lighter skin are fear the procedure because of their skin tone and also think that their hair will grow right back and their money will go to waste. But all these fears are unfounded.


At-home laser hair removal is much cheaper and doesn’t cause any adverse effects to the skin or internal organs in any way. There’s practically nothing that one should be fearful of and stop them from trying this wonderful invention of 21 century.